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Le sac Marthe : de l'idée à sa création

The Marthe bag: from the idea to its creation

Martha spent long days at work, away from home. So she needed a bag big enough to hold a little more than a purse and lipstick, without going all Mary Poppins on her.
Le sac Iris : de l'idée à sa création

The Iris bag: from idea to creation

I saw the Iris bag from the start as a symbol of elegance. Le sac que l’on porte la tête haute, sans prise de tête. Celui qui apporte une touche chic à n’importe quelle de nos tenues. And why did you choose a satchel shape?
Le sac Ella : de l'idée à sa création

The Ella bag: from idea to creation

It was by imagining Ella Maillart carrying the bag dedicated to her that I designed the Ella. The key words: Travel, Adventure and Freedom. With this bag, I wanted to honour her greatest passion: sailing.
"La rencontre"

"The Encounter"

Just as light and dark coexist in duality, the new Woodskine collection reflects both dichotomy and balance. A meeting and unity of two contrasting entities, brought into perfect harmony to express the need for balance and respect in today's world.
Marthe Gosteli : La femme qui a inspiré le sac Marthe

Marthe Gosteli: The woman who inspired the Marthe bag

A pioneer woman dedicated to changing attitudes, Marthe is a true source of inspiration for the women of today and tomorrow. Meet Marthe Gosteli, a fighter with boundless tenacity in favour of equal opportunities.
Iris von Roten : La femme qui a inspiré le sac Iris

Iris von Roten: The woman who inspired the Iris bag

From her childhood, Iris was confronted with the unequal treatment of men and women. She became one of the few women of her time to study law. Meet Iris von Roten, a woman intimidated by her intelligence, her courage, her intellectual rigour and her undeniable charm.
Ella Maillart : La femme qui a inspiré le sac Ella

Ella Maillart: The woman who inspired the Ella bag

A multi-talented sportswoman, a humble adventurer, a writer full of doubts and a modest photographer, Ella writes without ever dwelling on her difficulties or her prowess as an explorer. Meet Ella Maillart, a free woman with an extraordinary destiny.

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