Le sac Marthe : de l'idée à sa création

The Marthe bag: from the idea to its creation

Martha spent long days at work, away from home. So she needed a bag big enough to hold a little more than a purse and lipstick, without going all Mary Poppins on her.
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As practical as it is indispensable, the handbag is the ultimate feminine accessory.

It is a sort of faithful companion and the Marthe bag is perfect in this role:

1. A perfect size

Not too big. Not too small. It is your everyday ally.

Martha spent long days at work, far from home. So she needed a bag big enough to hold a little more than a wallet and lipstick, without being Mary Poppins.

You'll be surprised at how much you can fit in it!

2. Its central zipped pocket

A bucket bag is usually a big bag without any pockets to keep your valuables safe. Of course, you can put a lot in it, but personally, I like to have at least one pocket to protect my valuables from wandering hands (or prying eyes).

3. Its 2 "catch-all" but orderly compartments

The central zipped pocket allows you to divide the bag into two for better organisation.

On one side you can put your lunch with a small water bottle and on the other side your agenda and your glasses box.

Perfect for those who don't have time to go home for lunch and spend long days outside.

4. Its soft beige interior

The problem with bags with a dark lining? You can't see anything at all.

How annoying it is to have to empty your whole bag to get your keys!

That's why I chose a beautiful light beige microfiber (the same for all our models), ultra soft, for a bright interior without any fuss and, what's more, easy to clean: water, a sponge and off you go!

Because we are never safe from a little stain.

5. Its great versatility

The Marthe bag can be carried in your hand, on your arm or on your shoulder. It's up to you. Both the handle and the shoulder strap are removable (and supplied with the bag).

Marthe was a street activist in Bern on many occasions. She would have looked great with a sign in her hand and her bag proudly carried in the crook of her elbow.

As you can see, the Marthe bag is the ideal bag to face your crazy Wonder Woman days in style.

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