renowned craftsmen

Two years to find the best European craftsmen

From the beginning, we were keen to promote the know-how and talent of the craftsmen of our regions. For two years, we went in search of our ideal partners. 

Companies that would be able to meet all our requirements and that would see the future of leather goods as we conceive it: ethical and sustainable production, with respect for people, animals and the environment.

exceptional leather

Igualada (Spain): a prized address for the big names in luxury

Our leathers come from a tannery located in Igualada, in the Barcelona region (Spain). Igualada is the European cradle of leather since the 18th century. 

We use exclusively premium full grain calf leather. The "Rolls" for any lover of beautiful leather.

As for the origin of the hides (a primordial detail), they come from a local breeding farm, in the Girona region, only 150 km from the tannery. This traceability is what allows us to guarantee a top-of-the-range leather, sustainable and produced with respect for the environment and animal welfare. 

our signature

Lausanne (Switzerland): an exceptional wood as a signature

The use of wood, and in particular roundels, is our signature.

We searched for a long time for the ideal wood to sublimate our creations, and we finally selected Swiss walnut wood. Walnut is not only considered one of the most precious woods in the country (present in Switzerland for 4000 years), but it is also highly sought after in luxury cabinet making for its technical and aesthetic properties.

In order to emphasize Woodskine's origins, we strive to use exclusively Swiss walnut wood.

metal parts

Madrid and Barcelona (Spain): brass, one of the world's most durable alloys

To allow the union between these two noble materials, walnut wood and calf leather, we exclusively use custom-made brass metal parts.

Brass is an alloy known since prehistoric times and commonly used since the Middle Ages. The first remains of brass were found by archaeologists in Africa and Asia, dating back over 2000 years. It is therefore one of the most durable metal alloys in the world.


doublure high-tech

Pirmasens (Germany): high-tech fabric to withstand life

The lining (inner part of the bag) is not visible at first glance but you are constantly in contact with it. It is therefore a choice not to be taken lightly.

In the high end of luxury, the lining of the bags is made of nubuck leather, an extremely soft material with a velvety appearance. 

Unfortunately, this lining did not meet our requirements in terms of durability: it is fragile, requires a lot of maintenance and tends to stain. So we looked for an alternative...


Ubrique (Spain): 200 years of history, luxury and quality

All these beautiful materials would be nothing without the master leatherworkers who assemble them with rigour and meticulousness. For us, it's in Ubrique.

Ubrique is the name of a charming village, located at the foot of a mountain in southern Spain. Leatherworking skills have been passed down from generation to generation for over 200 years. This ancestral know-how has made many luxury brands happy, as they have been entrusting them with part of their production for decades.

Madei in Spain

Why not manufacture in France or Italy?

Pour plusieurs raisons.

Tout d’abord parce que la fondatrice Miriam, est Suisse et Espagnole. Faire fabriquer en Espagne était un moyen de mettre à l'honneur son pays d’origine.

Deuxièmement, parce que Miriam a pu constater que le savoir-faire des artisans d’Ubrique est largement équivalent voire supérieur à leur concurrents directs, ce qui explique pourquoi la ville est devenue l’atelier des plus grandes maisons du luxe. 

Les artisans d’Ubrique œuvrent en toute discrétion et montrent une certaine réticence à se vanter de leurs prestigieux clients. Finalement, on retrouve à Ubrique une forte ressemblance avec la manufacture horlogère Suisse qui nous est chère :

L’amour du détail et du travail bien fait.
Le soin apporté dans chaque opération.
La perfection dans toutes les finitions.

Et ce sont toutes ces qualités que l'on recherche chez Woodskine.

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